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Asociación de Industriales de Puerto Rico


Our Services

At De La Cruz Customs Broker, Inc. our professional team’s main interest and goal are to offer a complete import service to our clients. We manage all import procedures required by the government agencies and we deliver your merchandise to your door.

We are fully electronic connected with all government agencies; we serve all ports in Puerto Rico and United States.

IMPORTERS please contact us before processing your goods for importation and we will advise you with all rules & Regulations before your merchandise arrives in the United States or Puerto Rico.

Our Services:

  • Customs Brokerages for Imports and/or Exports
    1. Automated Broker Interface (ABI)
    2. Automated Commercial Environmental (ACE)
    3. Remote Location Filing (RLF)
      - clear freight in any US Port of entry from our Puerto Rico offices
    4. Local & National Permit
    5. Fully electronic connection to Federal Agencies including but not limited to the following:
      • U.S. Customs - CBP
      • Food & Drugs Administration –
        FDA & Bioterrorism Act - BTA “Prior Notice”
      • United States Department of Agriculture – USDA
      • Environmental Protection Agency – EPA, etc.
    6. Electronic Payment of Customs Duties – ACH (Automated Clearinghouse)
    7. Reconciliation
    8. Automated Export System - AES
    9. Importer Security Filing (ISF) 10+2
  • image
  • Compliance & Record keeping Consulting
  • Binding Ruling
  • Provide services to all in Puerto Rico Ports from our two offices
  • International Trade Agreements Consultants
    CAFTA, NAFTA, CBTPA, etc. – Free Trade Agreements & Bilateral Agreements
  • Warehousing
  • Delivery, Transportation, Distribution
  • Freight Forwarders Arrangements & Consultations
  • Puerto Rico Excise Tax Documents Presentation & clearance
  • Provide representation to all government agencies in Puerto Rico involved in import procedures such as the Department of Agriculture, etc.
  • Bilingual Customer Oriented Staff