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Asociación de Industriales de Puerto Rico


Become Our Customer

To become a De La Cruz Customs Broker Inc. customer, please fill, sign and return the attached documents by fax or e-mail.

  • Power of Attorney
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    The Power of Attorney is the authorization provided by the principal (importer) to the Customhouse broker to transact Customs business in behalf of them. This document should revoke by a written notification provided by the importer to the broker. The signature in the Power of Attorney has to be executed by a person duly authorized by the company to do so.

  • Become Our Customer Terms & Conditions
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    Signed copy of Terms & Conditions - these terms and conditions of service constitute a legally binding contract between the De La Cruz Customs Broker Inc. and the customer or importer.

  • Customer Profile
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    Customer Profile (all required customer information)

  • MODELO SC2916
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    Modelo SC 2916 "CERTIFICADO DE COMPRAS EXENTAS" – this document is to relieve the wholesale or retail customer of the responsibility to collect and pay the Puerto Rico sales tax (IVU).

The following documents are required in order to present your merchandise to the US Customs, to process your shipment and to have a Customs release:

  1. Commercial Invoice - with the proper description, quantity and value
  2. Packing list
  3. Certificate of origin
  4. Bill of lading (B.L.) or Airway Bill (AWB)